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December 31, 2004



pink and orange -- 2 of my favorite colors glad you're back!


This is such a sweet drawing. But why does the girl look so perturbed?

Also, I need those underpants now. And if I get them, then I can put off picking up the laundry....


Oh tania, I just love her! Her expression is priceless and the bird is great. Nice work (as always)!

So glad to see you're back... been looking forward to you updating for a while :)

Hope you have a safe and Happy New Year!


Happy Healthy Creative New Year to You! I love these images, yours and the yahoo happy underpants, I want a pair too, I hear all the really cool girls are wearing 'em!


thanks everyone!
i don't really know why her face looks like that!
it just happened. maybe the bird JUST landed on her head and she is surprised. or the bird just will NOT fly away, so she is feeling a bit tied down!
glad to be back!


Very sweet! I like the stripes!


Very appealing illustration.


Beautiful illustration. Both the girl and the bird are so cute.


trés cute!

she doesn't look like she likes the bird on her head though....

i like the stripes too~!


Wishing you a very Happy New Year!! Looking forward to more blogging with you :-)


I wish you also a very happy and healthy new year!!


Awww... I bet she's afraid of what the bird will do to her head. I'd be afraid! :)


Tim says she looks 'befuddled'. I love her!

and I just have to say... I see London, I see France

glad you're back too! I need my daily cute :)


I love her - I would like to have that bird on my head too.


all these comments!
fun fun fun!!

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