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May 06, 2005



I didn't know your birthday was so soon! :D Yay for birthdays!

Your watercolor snail is so cute! Beautiful coloring!

holly Hatam

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you have the best birthday ever!

amy k.

okay MAY is my b-day too! (24th) and I celebrate all month too! I may have to send you somethng-I wish it could be a cupcake, but perhaps something less squishy?

mati rose

happy birthday you! yeah for being almost 30!!! me too, not until december, but 1975 babies are special!


Happy birthday! 30 is fun. I turned 30 late last year & so far it's better better than the 20's!


Feliz, feliz en tu dia..amiguita que Dios te bendiga...que reine la paz en tu dia..y que cumplas muchos mas! (song in Spanish) Congratulations in your day, God bless you my friend...(I wish you) peace in your day...and many more years to come! L


happy birthday month to you! sweet snail drawing


hey tania... happy 30th!! i had mine in february and celebrated for at least a it up, girl:)


You're going to be 30? How exciting!! Enjoy your birthday month to the fullest! :)


happy birthday month! I turn 30 next february, but I'm pretending I'm already 30 so it doesn't come as such a shock. ;)


oh yeah, I love your little snail!


hee hee!
thankyou everyone! i feel a bit cheeky getting birthday wishes before the actual date!

laura r.

the 30's have been so much better than the 20's.
happy birthday month!
(i got a hello kitty tattoo the day before i turned 30 to mark the event.)


You like Northern Exposure too... oh man I think I love you!! Happy birthday :D


happy birthmonth! i like the idea of celebrating the whole month, the characters in "the secret life of bees" do that--have you read it?

ps, love the snail--especially the eyes!


happy birthday tania!!! take the whole month and more! my mom always told me her 30s were the best, so im looking forward to it. this year is my special birthday (29 on the 29th!) which i plan on exploiting to the furthest extent! love the snail... snails were a contender for collette's birthday invites this year, but decided to put them off for another year.


it's my birthday month too and my hubby's is tomorrow! let's hear it for may babies! and you know...30 is the new 20, right?!


happy birthday month! i will be 28 on Thursday so it's my birthday month too :) yay!!

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