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May 12, 2005



oh, happy birthday tania :)


happy birthday! welcome to the thrities. very nice decade, if i do say so myself.

perhaps some day you will wander south, or i will wander north...and we can roller skate together all old skool like, yo!


happy birthday, dear friend! have a fabulous day with your family!

amanda s.

Oh, Happy, Happy Birthday to you!! Yay! Have a wonderful birthday celebration. Roller skating? How fun is that?!


rollerskating - SWEET! you're one lucky girl. Happy Birthday!! Have a great one :)


Happy Birthday!!

I'm halfway through my thirties and they've been the best years of my life. Enjoy it!


happy birthday!!


Have a great day - it looks like it's already off to a great start!

Jessica Kenenske

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I had a hard time turning 30, but I'm over it now.

Jessica Kenenske

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I had a hard time turning 30, but I'm over it now.


Happy Birthday Tania!!! Your 30's will be so great!

mati rose

you are so cute! happy birthday!!! it will only get better, so i've been told!


happy birthday, tania! directly from portugal just for you :)



Happy Birthday! I was hoping it would be a happier event since my 30th is in a month. Oh well, maybe some rose colored glasses will do the trick!?


happy birthday! i was a bit whiney about turning thirty, but it was a good year. i just turned thirty-one last month. i love being a spring babe too!


Happy Birthday! 30 is great. Enjoy it!


Happy Birthday Tania ! Sounds like you've got a weekend of festivities to keep you laughing for days! I am really loving being in my thirties -wishing you adventure and abundance! :)

lisa  congdon

congratulations! did you get your bird yet??? i hope she comes soon!


a very happy 30th birthday to you!


First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY! The closer I get to 30, the less scary it seems to me, less then three years to go for me, I say do the loot bags, not only will they be fun to make, but come on who doesnt like getting a loot bag!! :) Have a wonderful time!


Happy birthday my friend!

Débora Figueiredo

Happy birthday :)


happy birthday tania! have a great birthday weekend and month!

ps--i don't think the goody bags/loot bags ever get old :)


Buon Compleanno! (Happy Birthday) :)
We are both from 1975...that was a great year, huh?
hehehehe .)


Happy birthday!

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