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May 31, 2005



Oh my gosh, I read those stories too!!! So bizarre--I had forgotten all about it, but now that I remember it, they were actually quite fun (which isn't how I remember the rest of french class!). Thanks for sharing!


Tania! So glad to see you had a great bit of traveling and goodie-making and getting! I'm a bit behind on my blog reads, but I am glad to see you back in gear.

Anyway, we read Le Petit Nicolas in high school French class too! What a fun reminder! Thanks for sharing the fun illos!!


I love Sempe illustrations! The New Yorker is or used to be full of them!


i read those books when i was a child too! :) first in french (that was my first foreign language at school), and i liked them so much that i bought them in english and read them again to practice english too!
i liked Agnan, who was "le chouchou de la maitresse" (the teachers pet) :)


Ha! Flashback to high school French...the illustrations were always my favorite part, too! :)


I remember one line from my HS french book: "Zut, Il est avec Louise!" It was a cartoon about some girl waiting at the movies for some boy, but he shows up with someone else. Zut!!!


haha! its so nice we all remember that book!
i also remeber cursing it because i found it hard to read!


i love the sick boy.... i wish i could do that now.... call in sick and spend the whole day in bed w/ a bunch of good stuff.... too bad i don't have a regular "day job" ;) merde!


Man, sick days were the greatest back in the day. Especially when you started feeling better early in the day. I loved the extra attention.


I used to read stories about Nicholas translated into Mandarin-I dun read many books in Mandarin.I love the pictures. In fact, I think I have one of the books, but I dunno where it is anymore.


I read these books in the school.. It was so funny!! It still makes me laugh!!

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