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October 19, 2005



I had this book too, and read it lots and lots of times. There is another book on Lotta and her family, a big one - I had that one too, it was my favourite for years!


I just checked out your link to the illustrator, and the English title of the book I mentioned above must be "Children of Noisy Village". :)


I love the picture of her swinging under the blooming trees, so sweet! Thanks for sharing :)


hey wow, what a great book. I'll have to look those up!


this book is absolutely amazing!!!!!!!


Have you entered the Draw a Witch Contest? There was one drawing that could have been yours, but maybe not. I mean, it was close to your signature style, but didn't seem quite there. Like I would know, being an engineer, not an artist.

Anyway, here's the url:

I'd love to see your witch.


How nice to see these spreads again, I read this book lots of times in the original language - I love Astrid Lindgren like so many other swedes - and people all around the world!

You can read about some of Astrid Lindgrens books here, but the english version of the site is crap! :-)

take care!


Wow, I had this book when I was little and completely forgot about it until now! Gosh, I wonder what happened to it.




Oh, to see this here! One of my favorite books by one of my favorite children´s writer and one of my favorite illustrator! This makes my day! I always loved the pictures with all the petals flying in the air!


me too i love the petals!
its so nice that all of you rememebr / lovehtis book.
its lovely.


Well I have to say I have not seen my name spelled correctly well ever!!! Hopefully its pronounced the same Tanya as in TAWNYA....wooohooo...did you know how hard it is to find a keychain with Tanya on it. sigh I used to dream of having it spelled Tania as many times I had to pass up stickers because well no y.... It did lead to some creative thinking on my own and woohoo watch out now but I still longed to see my name on a miniature license plate...


Thanks for posting these! Always loved the book, and I've posted a link to your blog on facebook :)

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