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November 10, 2005



they are beautiful, i also think that :)


I love them too! Have you seen the shaker method? You use those little containers that the kids vending machine toys come out of to shake the felt into balls with hot water and soap. Here's a link to a Japanese version:

If you click on the orange button, it gives you a mini tutorial.


I'm also in love with felt balls... have started making a few since buying a booklet from Pikku, a Finnish wool/fleece company. They are sooo easy, it's untrue! I am having to stop my cats stealing them, though ;)

amy k.

oh! I was just making these last night! but my first attempts weren't all that "round" I kept ending up with a line on the bead which looked like a mouth, not what i was going for exactly. . .


ooh cool!
i am so exited about these.
thanks for the tutorial link myra-


I made an english version of that tutorial. You can find it here:

lisa s

yes... love.... at first sight... or felt as they case may be!


your blog is way cute. such a small world, I'm going to Crafternoon Tea to check it out.


Felting does sound like fun!
I just picked up a couple of kits at:
(I imagine you would like this store too)
Am excited to try it out soon! I'm making a Snowbear of course.


yes, i did the same thing and tried to delve into the world of felting after seeing that very same article from Martha! It is a lot of fun, just make sure you have plenty of space to let those little suckers air dry. I kept finding felt balls in my apartment for weeks..and the cats like them too!


hey, i have a felty ball necklace by that same designer! i can't remember her name though. she also used to make cute little felt tv's and i managed to get one before she stopped making them. i've never tried making those felt beads before but it doesn't seem too hard...


wow! that looks really interesting! and cute! do you happen to know also about how to make knitted balls? just a question. =)


I love felted beads too, but I think I'm the only one incapable to make them by hand (and soap)
So I cheat and I'm currently making them with a felting needle...ooopss.... ;o)


Wow!! Love those. They're soooo cool. I'll have to put them on the list of crafties to try. It's getting very long ... thanks! :)


beautiful, I have to try this also.
:) bisous from France


so many nice comments!
cant wait to click on all you new commenters!


i had a felt-ball making party last year with this martha recipe - good times (prepare for prune hands though!)

i think it is tricia burney that did your necklace - is a local crafty fixture - i couldn't find a website for her, but here is her email: (got it from her card). she makes lovely felt ball mobiles too.

joy madison

I want to make a necklace for cristmas like this! thanks for reminding me:)

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