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May 31, 2006


stephanie s

congratulations.... !


That is all for one house? Wooowzers!


Congratulations! It is very exciting.

Tania Ho

how wonderful, congratulations !!


I love new house rituals, when I visit for the first time. I love to bring a house warming gift. In a basket I include a loaf of bread, a bottle of wine, a container of salt, and candle. Attach a pretty ribbon, the card will contain this saying.
A Traditional Housewarming

Bread - So you never go hungry.
Wine - So your life is always sweet.
Salt - So there is always spice in your life.
And a Candle - So you always have light.
Congratulations, on your new home.


yay! congratulations! :)


SO happy for you!

lisa s

oh tania - that is fantastic news!~

what are those cool keys w/ the letters cut out of them? [z,c,x,t]


thankyou all!!
no these are just my own keys from a collection I have. i never figured out what the one with the letters are- i just had to have them-
paula, love that house ritual!


'continuum' I think - two u's
great news! are you choosing paint colours yet?


so exciting!! congratulations! :)


Yee Haaa! Nothing excites me more than a new house (we've had a few!!). Congratulations!! Have lots of fun!


congratulations on your new digs! how exciting!


yikes, I thought all those were your friggin house keys. I was wondering what kind of an estate you guys bought :) congratulations homeowner!


OOoh, keys. I had 'key' moment with my studio today. Keys are important symbols...unlocking a new door...something new to discover. I love your key collection. Can't wait to see your new digs :)


Congratulations and hope it all goes well!


Did you buy a house? Oiiii, how exiting. Congratulations!


Congratulations! It's such a cool feeling to have your OWN HOME. Where you can paint. And put holes in the wall. And .. and !! :)

jess hutch

Congratulations, Tania! Have fun decorating!


Brilliant, wonderful, fabulous, fantastic - congratulations.


hooray!!! what a wonderful moment.

I can't wait to experience that same feeling.


Happy for you my friend. Keep us posted with your flickr when you don't have time to blog.


Tania, Bearer of Keys! Congratulations, Tania and Paul!
This is so terrific :)


ohhhhhhhhh thank you so mcuh everyone!!
its lovely to hear all your support!

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