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June 14, 2006


Tania Ho

It turned out lovely, of course :) Love the fabric, and the two flowers are very saucy indeed ;-) Good luck with the move !


All of the very best wishes to you! I ca not wait for your return and the pictures!


thank you thankyou!
its so much fun to have people to tell al this to! hee.


happy moving!


unpacking is so good! everything has its own place if only you could find it! looking forward to the pictures! eat well to make sure the energy flows and good moving xxx


Have a good move!


Moving to a new home is so exciting. Don't forget to pack your survival box… the one with a few rolls of TP, sheets for your bed, food & dishes for the cats, a box of tea, 2 cups, the kettle, towels, soap, and whatever is essential until you find all the things that were packed in boxes that you thought were soooo well labelled. The first rule for us is set the bed up first and make it, bathroom supplies next. Trust me; you will not regret it at 1 AM when you are too tired to remember your own name. This box is the last thing to leave your old home, travels with you, and placed some where safe in your new home. It is a lifesaver. Good luck, have fun and Yay!


I found a great vintage yellow cotton with embroidered polka dots on it last spring at a garage sale... I was thrilled with the shirt I whipped up (very similar in style to yours), until I realized the very random strategic placement of two of the polka dots! I haven't worn it since... it was much too awkward for me!


Good luck with the shift. The "strategic" flowers are very funny.


oh're moving tomorrow?!? good luck!!! squeeeeeee!!


Best of luck on your move!! I hope it goes smoothly and stress-free!!


welcome to your new home babe, it looks wonderful and i'm very excited for you!


great pattern and fabric, bets it looks good on you? would look nice on me too I think! ;-)

take care!


good luck with your move! moving can be tough, but i'm sure you'll find all your crafties and books when you get there!


I think the flowers are placed perfectly! Hope you love your new place. Talk soon!


thanks everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!


oh my goodness! I remember having a pillowcase in that very fabric as a kid! It was so soft - I can still remember how soft it was.

















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