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August 21, 2006



ooh, that little bunny is too *cute*! i really want to knit a little stuffed animal for my nephew...maybe i'll have to check out that pattern!

and i have to say i agree wholeheartedly about spending a lazy weekend afternoon with cbc radio! i often catch "tapestry", "wire tap" and "cross country checkup" on sundays. my most favourite new show is "and sometimes y" (saturdays, i think?). have you heard it? awesome show for grammar nerds! hee hee


You NEEDED a rabbit on Sunday, did you? I sometimes find myself in the same situation. I will check out that pattern for sure, because your bunny head is adorable!


thanks!! yay for the radio, i think i have caught that show krissy!
yes i did need it- a cuddly toy moment-


sounds like a fun weekend, hooray! cuddling with kitties is excellent indeed. it somehow always feels like a special treat.
if you like different british (BBC?) crime tv, you should check out "Jonathan Creek". it's about a magician's who solves impossible murder mysteries with a spunky journalist who's got too many issues. it originally had anthony stuart head (buffy) in it. enjoy!


awe, this is so cute! it's knitting up well in the HK silk. perfect color too!


this sounds so blissfully idyllic! (though the body-less rabbit scared me a little as it was loading) post your completed rabbit and more of your home based luxuries tania - I love reading them!


sounds like my dream weekend except i would have to cuddle with my dogs and daughter under the covers. lovely! and that bunny is too darn cute!


That will be a very cute bunny when you are finished! And I can relate very well with your need for a nice Sunday ritual!

Miss Dot

you needed a rabbit? love it, no justification, just the simple statement, nothing wrong with that.


hee hee-
yes-needed a rabbit- i felt like a kid needing her blankie-hope this sunday is better!


I've been watching Rosemary and Thyme this past couple of weeks! Really loving the show, but tonight was the last episode!


CUTE bunny head !
: )







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