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September 22, 2009



That is so nice, Tania!
I love the first one from the art director
was is on a table napkin?
I remember a mapping project in grade 4 that I just loved
we had to make an imaginary neighbourhood
my mom kept mine around for a long time because she just loved it
Your 'final' one is really great
its looks so simple and easy to do
and of course, as you shown us, it is not so
way to go!


hee hee thanks so much Karina! i would love to see the one you did as a kid!!


Hey I love seeing the process you go through! Really interesting. Would love to see more posts like this. And I love your sketch just as much as your final version. Did it take you long to do your sketch? Happy autumn to you! :-)


Hey that's a real nice map Tania. I think, I'll keep it for myself :-) Montreal is a really nice city, but you made it look even better. Cuddos.

P.S. If ever your in Montreal and wish to participate at the Critical Mass, they meet three streets west of Jeanne-Mance (outside of your drawing at the bottom) at Square Phillips last Friday of every month :-)



Lovely hand drawn map. It inspires me to visit Montreal and swing by Toronto in October.


hey that would be fun Sophie!

Yay Grace! come any time!

michelle y

Cool! I love the behind the scenes details.

Kelly Ebbels

tania this really looks great, and it's very cool to see the first sketchings like this. can't wait to see it in print! (whenEVER it gets mailed to me...)


this is the cutest map i've ever seen and it's lovely to see your process too!


love love love it!


these are so cute! they remind me of the maps on murmur: lovely work!


Tania. I love it. Beautiful work as always... glad the birds made an entrance.


:) thanks everyone!

so nice to hear from you all, even when I have been soo quiet!!

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