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November 08, 2004



Ohhhhh, those are the best birds I've ever seen! And the silks are so nice and bright and colorful!


i too love those little birds! i think you should make a little set of greeting cards including your birds, they're really unique and true to your style and they're so cute!

i also love the new book, i never find anything that great at my local goodwill, you crafty girls have inspired me to go get my old childhood books from my grandma's yesterday and i've been having a blast with them


love the birds!


that picture of the kids reminds me of the "one little, two little, three little in-di-ans"...even though it's written in something asian-looking. Now that song is gonna be stuck in my head for the rest of the night.


Sweet! And a girl who doesn't waste her scraps of fabric (or paper) is a girl after my own heart. =)


i miss my kids books...


gorgeous! I love the brights!

are those kids wearing balloon animals on their heads?



Hi Tania.
I love your work. I would like to know how you do silkscreen. Is it easy to make such beautiful patterns?...


This is just so wonderful.... You can try to make dolls out of this wonderful fabric, just put interfacing on silk, use a light interfacing and try it first in a waste piece... if there is shuch a thing as a waste of silk.

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