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November 10, 2004



i think anyone selling their own products or especially free lancing their own artwork feels like that frequently, art is a very personal thing, peoples reaction to your work all goes back to you so it's hard, all i do is close my eyes and hold my breath and try to get through the slow parts as fast as possible bc like you said, it always passes, and you always know a day will come along where you are on top of the world bc of the amazing response you are getting from your products, better days always come

and i LOVE those scarfs! do you think you will be selling them online? how long are they? i think they're wonderful, you should make more colors!!


pam is most definitely right. the creative process is difficult. as an artist your joy, hope, and sadness manifests itself in your creative process. even if making art is fun and sometimes doesn't feel like work, it is a great priviledge you have been given. it is a great gift that the majority of people couldn't even work at if they tried. the unwarrented break from stuff to work on might surprise you. chin up blueskies are here to stay.


I've been taking a hiatus from free-lance graphic design, in the meanwhile I've been making crafty things to sell in my online shop (which has yet to open!) and trying to work on longstanding DIY projects in our house that were so badly needing the attention...I constantly feel what you just described.


Love the scarves...going to sell any online?


Oh Tania, we are all in the same big boat, travelling in a big ocean on some rough water. As I sit and paint and make and try to enjoy the process, I am constantly thinking about what else there is to do: things to apply for, shows I'm missing out on, web page to update. It never seems as relaxing as I anticipated working for myself would be. It just part of the job and thinking about what's next. Keep plowing on and the waters will calm soon!


Those scarves are great.
And hey, just because you're not putting it down on paper doesn't mean you're not illustrating.


Those scarves are adorable!


Hi there! I found you through the Wee Wonderfuls blog. I'd love to add you to the Indie Collective website. Check it out and send me your info if you are interested!

Another fellow Torontonian here!


I love your scarves, Tania! They're darling. And I am feeling the same feelings you are. But, I think we all know it just goes in waves like that. You're brilliant, and when this big rush of producing passes, I am sure you will feel even better.

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