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December 03, 2004



pretty kitty, what's her name?
I have a little apricot coloured gal named Flora Icecream.


AWWWW that is the cutest name!
her name is "the girl cat" and her brother is "the boy cat"! they were once named YIN and Yang beacuse they both curl up together, but the names never stuck! ( too hippie for me ) I also call them "the little guys", "bubbies", or "hot buttered crumpet with jam" if i am feeling especially gooey.
I even dreamt that they were named Dewy and Delaware, which I rather like!


Cutie bubbles! I love the colors!

And the kitty is so sweet! And elegant.


hey tania
thank you so much for delivering the treats from rosa.
i wish i could have been there to have met you in person, but i was sewing sewing and probably sewing some more.

i have slept three hours in the last four days...time to sleep. thanks for the monster rock.



Tania...Illustrator can be soooo frustrating. I'm with you there. I am working hard to learn it, but it is fighting me all the way. I am really comfortable in Photoshop and expected Illustrator to be a snap, but some of the same tools work in totally different ways...

Good illo, though...glad you participated this week!

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