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January 12, 2005



oh, I did too.
Its the first time I participated, and I have to agree, my desk always looks like pretty much the same mess. But I like seeing everyone's work space because its like a peek into their world.


oh don't stop, i love seeing everyones, my desk is alway covered with different crap!
or if you don't feel like it maybe someone else could adopt it?
my crew are early with desk day becasue of that time difference thing - here we are

There's mine!


No desk photo yet, but -- this so weird...I used to have that exact toy, when I was young. I haven't thought about it in ages. It's really a treat to see that on here! The photo itself is neat, too. I like the spools and the hint of your board.


Can I join in? This is my first time participating because my desk is usually too messy to be shown off

Love the Bambi!


oh, bambi! I know more about these little toys than you can imagine. I used to run a website selling mcdonald toys..(in my distant past!) When I got married in Aug 2000, I had about 6 huge moving boxes filled with them! After a couple of years, and many garage sales, I finally sold or gave away all my toys except for one medium sized box. I had to keep two sets of each of the disney characters....I WILL have grandkids, one day, you know....of course, I don't just have the US disney sets, I have the european sets too...(they're different!)
...Hey, I want to do the international desk day! can I play too?


I did, but unfortunately I was late with this. I'd always wanted to do this, but up until recently did not have a blog to post it on :o)


hey tania, i'm hoping to sell my mcdonald toy collection and was wondering how much you sold your toys for each. I have about 400 and am trying to find out what is hould the collection for. any help would be great. thanks. rob

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