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January 14, 2005


Super K

how cute!


Cute sketches (expression), and the story--so cute!! Poor little fella!

mati rose

they are so cute when they are little & akward. and your drawing is so adorable!!! i wish i didn't have bad memories of really tame huge squirrels when i went to school in MN in the dead of winter. rats with puffy tails. but i'm sure you could make rats look cute too!


i know some people ae terrified of squirrels as rats!


oh i so love squirrels and your little fellows are just too funny. We have a game of replacing the word squirrel in songs that say girl, give it try. squirrels just wanna have fun. squirrels, squirrels, squirrels! My brown-eyed squirrels. okay, that's just too sad isn't it!


funny tee hee i like. again you seem to hit little pin pricks of my mind. it is now flooded with squirel tales, pun intended. i love the critters.


hi tania, it squirrel day! today I saw a hyper squirrel who kept doing jumps from our roof and tree! :)


Poor little guy! how cute!


Heheheh...that is so cute! I like the simplicity of the illo.


how cute :o)

It's actually really cruel but I always find it adorable when my cat is being a cluts LOL

Débora Figueiredo

Cute baby squirrels without balance. Lovely:)

nic squirrell

I am rather fond of squirrels (I married one). I love your lively sketch, it really makes me smile.


I love all the comments!
thanks everyone! i too love it when my cats act clumsy...

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