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January 21, 2005


Super K

I'm glad you used it. It's too cute to be hidden away. My favorite: Spring!


Oooh! SO CUTE! Do you have a cafe press store? If you do, tell should if you don't...these would be adoreable on a mug! oxox


Oh my! I am giggling aloud at the glasses breaking story. That is so sweet (and kind of sad) and laugh worthy.

Also, your illos really warmed my heart. I love them so. I think spring is my favorite too! Dancing little diva!!

Clare (AKA - Crafty Madam)

These are so cute and sweet :) Charming simplicity at it's best!

mati rose

cute as pie!


I love your illustrations!

Débora Figueiredo

So cute! My favorite is Fall... the little guy seams to hugh the falling leaves. Lovely :)


I love the spring character!


This is so cute. I love it. I think winter is my favourite, I love the scarf with the stripes.


i love recycling work, these are very cute. nippy here eh, tania?!


I love this! Summer's my favorite... totally digging the bottle rocket pops :)


thank you everybody!!!
it's soo nice to hear from you all!


Oh! How I love your blog!


I like these; they are simple yet really get your message across..


I love those little guys. Making me smile.


Egads! They're adorable :D
I want flowers growing out of my head like Spring does!


these are too cute!! you need to do something with these little guys, there's something i love about each season but i think summer has to be my favorite, the little rocket popsicles!! and i love the sky in the summer one, they all make me happy :)


Oh lovely!


As I was reading your blog, I was thinking how hot I am, the kids wore nothing to bed with the window open to get a breeze on a hot muggy night. And consequently we are up early to enjoy some reasonable temperatures before it turns stifling. 38Degrees centigrade, what is that in Farenheit? Anyway I gets lots of joy and inspiration out of reading and viewing your creative bits.


love those illustrations! I'm partial to Fall, myself! I'm still reading your fantastic blog religiously. Hope you're having fun digging out of all this snow!

jenny b

Love your style! This is so fresh and cute!


Oe -25C that's soooo cold. I've visited Toronto when it was -15C and I was freezing, I didn't dare to move because I was so scared I'd break LOL. I love your season illustration. It secretly makes me want it to be spring :o)


oh i love to hear what you all have to say!!!
it is amazing that you are all out there and took time to say hello.
thank you!!!!!!!
it really makes life seem that much more special.

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