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February 05, 2005



Ah Dim Sum! I am jealous. Greg and I looove to go into SF's chinatown for amazing Dim Sum whenever we can, but unfortunately that's not too often. Hope it's yummy. And yay for the knitting! I wasn't able to figure it out when I tried a few weeks ago but I think the instructions I had were crap. I need to work up the courage to just keep trying. Can't wait to see what you start turning out now with yet another skill.


Yeah! good for you! :)


i like your illo, your loot bag, and that you are learning knitting. I too love and I do mean love Dim Sum. It is my all time very favorite food ever ahhhh
Dim Sum. I think I might change my name to Kim Sum.


Knitting AND dim sum with a UK cousin! Could it get any better?!


hey, our next meetup is in one week. - will you come?


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