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March 08, 2005



Your illustrations never fail to brighten my day. I for one am all for the "illustration a day" idea. Is that selfish of me?


that's adorable, reminds me of lambchop.


tania~i think your goal is not only noble for you, but for the rest of us that get to see your doings everyday!


it's time to get your package in the mail! I was waiting because I always find more things to add, but since you're homebound :) I'll send it straight away. I'll include some shrinky dink plastic and pins because you would make the CUTEST pinheads ever!


Sweet sketch! Do you hand draw and then scan it?


hee hee! thanks everybody! (more mail H?? oh BOY!!)
it helps to have a pep squad. i feel better!


I love the little sketches, Tania. So sweet and cheery and fun! Here's to feeling 100% soon!!


If you can draw that cute when you are sick (tuffy headed and sleepy brained) you are one happy girl! I can't do anything when I'm sick.

A sketch a day is a great idea! I'm looking forward to your drawings. They look so sweat and simple, and yet when I try to do something in my sketchbook it doesn turn out as cute/good! You are so good!


oh, by the way, happy international womens day! :-)




That is the sweetest little picture ever!


Tania, it has been too long since our first e-mail exchange. I haven't visited in ages as life has thrown me some wacky curveballs, but I'll be sure to try and see what you are up to more often. Your work is beautiful and charming. Keep on brightening our days!

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