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March 10, 2005



"Good enough is good enough." I like that! I think this revelation is great, Tania. Because I've been in this racket of trying to dream big while stressing myself to no end to get there....thank you. =)


im with you tania. i tend to push towards an ideal or a goal with out realizing how great the things i already have are. is it really worth the stress? i think we emphasize ambition so much that simple happiness gets booted to the wayside. good enough is good enough! i love your self portrait, your cheeks are sweet! if you need a baby fix, you can always stop by my blog and watch a little huffster video! guaranteed to brighten your day!


Hi Tania, I really like the drawings you are posting! I agree with you, too. Not being too busy -- having things to work on, but also having time to putter around the house -- is bliss. I've never heard that quote before -- good enough is good enough -- but I like it. Jill


Another sweet drawing! The good stuff is totally what matters, taking time to smell the roses and drawing sweet lovely drawings like these makes life good. Thanks for sharing Tania!


I think your work is wonderful. It is tough to break into any creative field. no matter how talented you long as you are happy and your work makes you happy then you can't go wrong!!

*Jenny B

Babies are magical wonders. They make us think about the deepest dreams we have for ourselves and our futures. Why is that?


having time to enjoy your life is so rewarding. my dad used to say if you enjoy your days you're having a good life. i agree.


I love that illo, Tania. :)

I know exactly what you mean. I always tend to overcommit myself... I think finding that balance is a talent to be learned.


thanks fr all the great comments!
it's nice to know we all have similar feelings!

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