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March 30, 2005



your journal entries always make me smile. you have such a cute way of looking at the world! keep it up! :)


I second what Aimee said. Lovely post with a lovely sketch! And Emma's autograph book is a such a sweet find. Makes you wonder who will be looking at all of our stuff a 100 years from now.

mati rose

what an incredible find! should we be printing out our blog entries and saving them in time capsules?!


Oh my goodness, what beautiful hand writing!!


So funny. It might rain. And it might not.

And Emma's "blog" is quite a treasure. So neat. I am always so intrigued by old journals and older penmanship!


hi tania, I just wanted to tell you I absolutely love your blog. I tripped into it months ago and have been a regular reader since. I love your eye for detail and beauty, and I share your thing for birds. Anyway, just wanted to say some nice words. Thanks for posting so regularly. Leslie


love the blog and your drawings. How cool ... an autograph book! I may be a geek but I have always loved the Little House on the Prairie books... when Laura Ingalls was a teenager these types of books were all the rage (1880's). Very very cool!


Wow, what a find! Isn't it just amazing?! It just wouldn't be the same for someone to "find" one of our blogs in 130 years, would it?

I love your illo. And the maybe/maybe not paradox. =)

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