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March 22, 2005


s. besnickity

watch out. hats can be damned addictive. i swear i froth at the mouth just thinking of hatty goodness...

next thing you know you'll be combining colors, making longer niblets and tying them in knots (totally cute), and experimenting with stiches. after the first one i made, i ended up making one with a ribbed bottom in one color, a seed stich center, and a topper of the first color with a knotted niblet.


Congrats for the hat! It's so cute!



cutie hat and cutie kitty!!!


Congrats on your first hat--I hope to follow in your footsteps soon. I long for a very long stocking cap as does my husband.
As for those illustrations--love 'em! Sounds like a great place to work! Oh, and thanks for stopping by the other day.


Cute cute hat! Congratulations! And thanks for sharing the cute ad too!


it's true!
i think i am hat addicted!


Jenny M

That´s a really cute hat. It looks really warm and cosy. That´s an adorable little kitty too. :)


way to go on your hat! i love it! i have a great pattern called hats that fit. its awesome because it tells you how to do the math to make a hat from any yarn to fit any head! i like your new header by the way!


Great job on the hat, t.

Looks like you may need to make your kitty one too :)


Oooh ooh and I just refreshed and saw your new banner. Love it!
So you :)


I love that hat! Looks like kitty is about to nibble on that niblet, too. :)

amy k.

great hat. I love kniting hats and quick and rewarding and I love the new spring look of this blog! I like the trees especially-

so, I read your weblog everyday-I thought I'd finally say "hi". so, hi!! love your creations, drawings, and style. You have motivated me to sketch more. . .happy creating!

laura r.

that is a wonderful picture of kitty & cap!
i love the illustrations too.


oh thanks everyone!!


Great hat - I love the niblet!!


hi tania,

i love your blog and all your illustrations :)! and that picture of your cat sniffing the lovely hat is priceless!!!

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