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March 20, 2005



So optimistic! I love it! L.


:) I love that accidents! My first felted bag experiment turned into such a an awful object for me but my dog's favourite toy! Undestructible and strong as a stone, imagine the felting effect...


I'm thinking about knitting something, but it seems so extremely difficult, but what the hell, I'll try it :)


hee hee!
hilda, that is funny!
and i guss it is optimistic!
Aliena, it isn't hard at all! that's what I thought too!


Good luck with the hat version 2! The yarn looks lovely. I've stopped knitting in an attempt to force the spring to come - trying out a bit of reverse psychology... It's still below celsius outside so I guess it's not working yet!


I have to ask... Is that a Marimekko mug? My daughter has a dress in that pattern that her Papa bought for her... I LOVE those big beautiful flowers!


it IS a marimekko mug! it's my favorite mug, and i love that pattern too.


Cool! I figured it was the same pattern (very distinctive!). I have really enjoyed checking out your site. Your work is beautiful and inspirational. I've just gotten back into doing some illustration (on Adobe Illustrator) after not doing it for FAR TOO LONG! I love seeing the creative stuff others come up with! Take care! ~Jessie

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