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March 05, 2005



such a lovely tribute tania. dads are wonderful things.


Beautiful, Tania. Thank you so much for sharing.


Ah I love that, I miss my dad so much too. But I find it grand that I can just think about him whenever I want and feel all happy :o) I remember this ladybird painted pebble at my parents home and there was I love you written on it :o)


Wonderful tribute to your father,Tania. (((hugs))) I know what it is to miss your father and to hold on to those special memories of the wonderful times you shared.


Sounds like you had a wonderful relationship with your father--sorry for your loss.


aw, thank you everyone!
i appreciate your thoughts!!

mati rose

what a special relationship & influences from your dad. i love reading your tribute & your pebbles! i can relate a bit.


Oh Tania, what a wonderful, wonderful tribute to your dad!

I'm sorry for your loss too. I think it is tremendous, the legacy your dad gave to you. =)


I've been lurking your board via Kate and this post just made me smile. I too lost my dad, about five years ago, and I too had a wonderful relationship with him. I'm glad you can remember the good times you had with him and that he continues to be an Inspiration to you.


Lovely, the way you wrote it. I'm sure he's really proud of you Tania. Big hugs. Lizette


Your Dad must have been a wonderful man. Lovely tribute, I'm sorry for your loss.

tania w

Your rocks are so cute! I lost my dad as well just over 5 years ago, and it's still difficult to think of him being gone. But everyone is right, there is great joy in remembering the happy memories, the laughs, the little comments, and jokes.


that is a wonderful and sweet tribute

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