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April 06, 2005



very cute bear, she looks like a ella to me. and i like the wee little white line, it gives demention, but i know how frustrating it is to not be able to figure things out.


You need to have the line surrounding the fill be white! You're not actually seeing a tiny white line on the inside you're seeing the line surrounding the apples (which is the same color) in a solid color instead of a pattern!


hmm interesting about the line...thanks!
and she does look like an ella!


*Love* your bear, and I think Ella sounds great!

mati rose

good job sewing up your bear! did you knit the shirt, too?! wow! i had a similar problem with photoshop just last night & asked my boy {who happens to teach this stuff}. he said to "expand" the selection by 4 pixels. so before you're going to fill, go under "select" & then "modify" & then "expand" by 4. i hope that helps! i personally like the white line tho:)


Glad to be of help :)


ha, i meant it gives dimension, not demention. i promise tania that your illustrations DO NOT give me dementia!


ah cute :) and a custom knit jumper - how impressive! is that a very tiny chair or did you enlarge the pattern?


She is such a sweetie! And her jumper is so cute! Great job. I love the apples too. One of these days I've gotta figure out how to use photoshop.

Jessica Kenenske

I love your illustrations, shop, blog, EVERYTHING! I just found you and am delighted to see your work. Your bear is adorable, how'bout Libby?

Débora Figueiredo

It look so cute!
And the apples are lovely :)


hee hee!
thank you everyone!
and that chair, it is a dolls high chair, tiny!


the bear is so sweet! :D i love those apples!!


I love all the citris spring colours and patterns that are appearing in your blog lately.


the bear looks great! i like how it looks like it's dancing or floating through the air--i think it's the jumper and arms spread that does it.

snaps that you're learning photoshop, have not yet figured that one out. i can draw a mean scribble in paint though :)


She's cute and I like her pose: seems like she would start to dance from a time to another! :)


Hi! I found you from over at Wee Wonderfuls. I was wondering if you would want to sell some of those beautiful wooden buttons? I'm finishing up a cardigan that I think they would look fab on.

Your bear is a cutie!


I think she looks like a 'Podge'. : ) She's adorable!

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