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April 19, 2005



those loitering birdies! i like that box. did you create those background trees?

lisa  congdon

i LOVE the tree motifs in the background! i make shadowboxes and am in the middle of about 4 right now! they are such fun!


I so have loved all the boxes you have posted, and would love to see more, they are brillant! But I can understand what you mean about not wanting to make something after awhile, I get that way too!

The Faery Grrrl

Birds as bugs! I LOVE IT!


I love your bird box! I would also love to see more if you still have them around. So so wonderful!


I love your work! Do you ever sell it online? Your store is really cute. I'm kind of broke right now, but I've got one of your mugs on my wishlist and if you ever sold your original art online that would go on my wishlist, too! I bet I'm not the only one who would be interested... :)


such a cute piece! i have been toying with an idea like this. there was a little case with small compartments someone left by the apt. trash bins where i lived. i hoisted that baby up and carried it up 3 flights of stairs! lol this was about 2 months ago and i still haven't even cleaned it up!! oh the inspiration!


thanks everyone!!
i never sold it online, i was VERY computer illterate then!
maybe i will dig up somer opictures of the old ones to show.


Hi Tania

nice to meet you :)
I have admired your bird illustrations for a while now and pop by your site often, very inspiring! cool postcard swap button too.
Oh and don't you just hate discovering that your parents had all this cool stuff in the seventies, only to find out they binned it all.


I LOVE that box with the birds, I will refrain from going on and on about how I love your birds (but I do!!), but I love it.

Yeah for a job! Hopefully many more will come, your work should be wide spread!!


Oh, I love it! I always wanted to do a similar shadowbox thing with gutted retro television sets!

Kim C

I so love those birds in a box!

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