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April 18, 2005



I know what you mean! I often have dreams (or nightmares?) where I score cool stuff for great prices and I'm so excited about my finds... Then I wake up to realize it was all a wishful dream. So depressing!

Lisa Congdon

i have that marimekko pattern (orange flowers) in placemats! they are only a couple years old--that is a great photo!

amy k.

my parent had some RAD brown Vera sheets that were so goovey-no longer around however, sad.

But I have all my grandma's Vera linens from the 60's and they are to die for-all the sunflower yellow/orange stuff-I will photograph them sometime. She was such a smoker, they stink like all get-out.


being a child of the seventies as well...if someone had told me when I was a youngster that I would desire to own items my parents had then I would have laughed. Now I see it all in a completely different light. amazing, isn't it?


I would wish we'd kept them as well! :D


it's so true! i never thought i would want all the crap from back then!


laura r.

i love that photo of you & kitten!

when i look at old magazines & see the ads in the back for knick knacks & whatzits, i want to send in my $1.25 so badly.

magic time machine indeed!


I too long for so much of the stuff I had when I was a kid that got thrown out. Especially my original Blythe doll. The bad thing is it makes me second guess when I'm trying to throw out stuff now! Love the photo of you and Tiggy!


I love that Marrimekko pattern! My parents are still using the same Marrimekko quilt that they bought at a garage sale in 1978...I'm starting to look on ebay and such for a replacement -- theirs is no longer a reddish-orange, but a salmon.


Wow! That tablecloth is beautiful! My daughter has that dress - way retro!


iffin you'd like...i could restore that photo for you. although, i do find the folds quite charming.


You are so silly - and you are so cute in that photo! I love the table cloth too!


hee hee,
neat to see we all have these memories and wishes for the junk of the past!

thanks for the offer to restore it! i considered that too...

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