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April 26, 2005



Oh! I absolutely *LOVE* your page!! :D Thank you so much for contributing!!! :)

Bummer about having to work earlier! I know all about early..and it stinks! *double yawn*


So sweet and wonderful! And they are all so fashionably dressed!


I saw some of the other pages on joleen's blog. it is looking fantastic so far. I love your page!!!


they're such a happy bunch--even the dog! i'm in awe of your watercoloring skills my tries turn into one bleedy brown mess. blah!

waking up early (for work) smells, smells bad, smells really bad :)

sabrina |e| sara

hallo sweet tania,
if i would find a picture by you in a magazine, of course i would recognize it is by you!!!
your style (drawing girls_characters)is unmistakable.
a lot of illustrator do stylized and colorful characters but yours are extremly yours. congratulation. i envy you a bit :)) ... because i think to be recognizable is one of the most difficoult thing.
what is your job exactly? are you a free lance designer? how old are you? do you mind if i use the post for personal question? you maybe prefer i write at you email? ciao sabrina


Lovely! L

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