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April 21, 2005



oh! I am a nanny and my charge has these shoes! Not this pattern but other kinds and they're so cute! She likes to pull her leg up and eat 'em! :D

On the illustration note- I struggled with my artistic style recently. I have spent years creating art for other people in a style that I thought they would like. I've recently decided to do what I like and what I think I am good at and if other's like it, great. I have to say, it makes art all the more enjoyable. In my own selfishness I say don't change your artistic style. You're one of my bigest inspirations. You have to do what's best for you..and makes you money! :D


I love Robeez! They really look so yummy. I know nothing of what it takes to work in your business but I so admire what you do. I love your style so much. It is always amazing to me how much you are able to convey so much, even in a simple sketch you have doodled. Plus, I tend to think the business who become hugely popular over night also tend to crash pretty quickly while the ones who have been quietly building over a long period have the foundation in place to stick around.


so cute!!!!!


adorable shoes - and good questions about lifes direction. if we didn't question and just accepted everything - our fate and position in the world - it would be more than dull.


do you think that they do this little shoes for adults? :D they´re super super cute.
btw, I love all your work... you're a very creative girl!
I read your blog everyday and I never wrote any comments here because my english is a little (very - I think) bad. :)
so, sorry if you don´t understand me.



Here is the tutorial, so that's at least one thing I can help you with.

As for illustration, I wish so much that I had more (or any) ability in that area, and I think what you do is amazing. There's something wrong with the world if your kind of talent isn't "marketable"!


i feel all sheepish and grateful - i so appreciate all your kind and helpful words!


Just wanted to say thanks for the link to my favicon gallery...and what a great looking site! I wish I could make things that looked this great.

sabrina |e| sara

_hallo tania,
see? the thing is that we are telepathic!
i think something (my son has a pair of robeez shoes very cute) and the next day you post a message about it.
we definitly must be friend!! (we are already, i see)

_concerning philosophical issue i have to tell that me too i am thinking how to convert my job into something i like to do.
_i have been webdesigner for 10 years now... i have loved it! i have also had big chance to work with important customers like vatican radio, the italian national broadcast... but now i am fedup with virtual colors and electronic media.
_i need to manage manual things. i really would like to do as ms. wilson of robeez shoes did.
_as i am taurus too i think i can do it if i really want!! I will tell you more soon....
have a sunny day! sabrina


i'd be completely satisfied if i could just do it all. and do it perfectly. is that so much to ask? now, what's for breakfast...


even my sister has those little shoes for her little daughter. Stylin'! They really are too cute!


This is a neat website:
It will generate the favicon for you!


Thanks for linking the Robeez article. Brynne has worn many pairs out, and she just got her latest pair in the next size up (monkeys, of course!). As for your philosophical questions, go where your heart tells you to go. I'm already on my third "career", and I know that more change is ahead. So, embrace change if that is what you yearn for, but I wouldn't do it for any other reason...

amanda s

I love Robeez! I can't tell you how sad I was when my oldest grew out of their largest size. But I knew nothing of the company history--so thanks for that article link.

And I'm with everyone else--I adore your work, and I totally think you should keep going with the taurus thing--as long as you are loving what you do and how you do it--how much more "successful" can it get than that, really?


you're feeling exactly how i'm feeling (same thoughts too--what's for dinner?!) :) i don't think you should change to suit others' ideas...if you do it for yourself that's different. ditto to amanda--i adore your work!

ps how cute are those shoes?! :)


My daughter has gone through two pairs of Robeez so far, and they are the exact ones you posted. She's currently in the cherries, which are cute, but I miss those fuchsia flowers!

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