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April 20, 2005


Kathy Z

What is so odd is that they have a stamp for such a particular route. I wonder if it is such a common mistake that they decided to make stamps for it!

Camilla Engman

May be the postman kept it and then when he was finished he stamped it with that crazy stamp. It's rather strange what ever.


those are excellent trees! and are those bears hanging out there chatting amongst them?

I'm telling you there is something going on with the Canada-US mail! The conspiracy theorist in me is convinced! I was just reading the shipping info from some ebay seller and they said the same thing, that shipping to Canada takes the longest for some reason. Perhaps US postal workers have decided they're the coalition of the unwilling.. unwilling to get off their butts and deliver mail to Canada. snickering to themselves as they make "oops we delivered your mail to papua new guinea" stamps.


there must be a conspiracy-
it just can't be a real stamp.


Oh my! I love that the package got sent all the way to New Guinea. That is marvelous stuff!

mati rose

that made me laugh hard! was the address totally off? what? that sounds like a kid's book to me.


I just love the stamp! And yes, US to Canada shipping is sucking right now.


that stamp makes me think of that part in amelie when she makes the fake letter for her land lady from her dead husband... those trees are lovely!


wow!! that's amazing!

sabrina |e| sara

hallo tania, my name is sabrina... i am a new crafty_fanatic.
since i have know the crafty_blog_world you tania become my best reference! i set you like my homepage.

in these days i was building my new blog (together with my friend sara) and this morning, when i saw the trees picture, i tought: me and tania we are already friends even if we dont know each other yet.

do you know why?

because i am nuts of drawing_tree!!

hope to become your friend! thank you for the inspiration.


That stamp is too crazy to be true - I'd love to have one :)

The trees are beautiful. I though of you when I saw this mobile on Angry Chicken:


I like hillary's theory on the papua new guinea's all too funny!


ok a few things. 1. that label for Papau New Guinea is CRAZY! That story deserves a kids mini-book or something.
2. today is creativity day (read it here: I ruthlessly plugged my OWN silkscreen on blogto, how cheap is that.
3. i am working on silkscreen images for Spring, and want to say one of the images was inspired by your site, cuz you linked to IGLOO, and voila, and igloo i shall screen! yay, thanks tania!


Hi, just thought I'd say that, having been to Boroko, I find it hard to imagine anywhere more different to Canada. I'm thinking someone in the ebay warehouse is looking to set up cargo cults in faraway places.


bOROkO tOROntO ???

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