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April 27, 2005



wow this book looks so cool!!!

carol grilo



Nice! I love books from that vintage!


Cool! Where did you find that?


Nice looking book.


oh! beautiful. isn'it? i love it, tania. love that style!


i love the simple fishy design! wonder if the book can be found on ebay or something :)


found it--wow, it's $150 (also found it at an amazon zshop, might be the same seller though)


that book is FABULOUS. i would pay out the wazoo for it...but maybe not $150!


woah! i didnt know it was that valuable! its from my library at work.

The Faery Grrrl

That's fantastic. TO you set?


I just love it! I want one for me too :)


sabrina |e| sara

hallo girls...
looking at this wonderful typography book i remember that in 1998 i was running a fanzine about font_fanatism, cyber_tipography and the culture of mall.
it was called NO:p; (means no print no postage no paper), you can have a look here and read the english version of the manifesto here
in the issue #3 i was talking about die neue typographie a book dated 1923 from the famous jan tschichold.
this book became very famous because for the first time in history a tipography teacher went to the jail because of his subversive idea concerning the morality of the design in germany. he has been prosecuted of "cultural bolscevismo" and the book has been censured as unreadible for 10 years.
after this it became one of the most important book of the history of tipography.
check it out here it is a milestone!!


Beautiful! I could spend a whole day just looking at that book!

Thank you for the secret gift - it was a wonderful surprise :)


thank you, just love that you find and share things like this, beautiful book, love the page with the fish !

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