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May 30, 2005



Congrats on the new computer! You'll love it!!! I envy your button maker... cool!


hooray for new macs!!!! so glad you had a wonderful birthday, the 30's are going to rock, you'll see! and that apple bag??? i must go to target this afternoon!


oooh, a button maker, tell me more: where did you get your hands on one of those? I am in need of button maker too. When I was at fabricland the other day, there was the cutest fabric that looked like it was designed by you. Are you doing fabric design now? Who wouldn't love some birdy curtains?


i love the little coin purse and the bag and the buttons! wow! i can't wait to get my t-shirt!


Yeah! Congratulations on your new Mac!! I'm still agonizing over which one to get. Wonderful job on the birdy bag! And the apple bag from Target makes me even more sad that we don't have a Target in Hawaii :(

Yeah! You got a button maker too!


Congrats on the new addition to the house (the computer, of course!)!! Enjoy your modbird--she's lovely!


Yay for the new computer! I love the birdie pouch, of course!! :D I almost bought that very same tote at Target because I love the apples so much but didn't.. I LOVE your buttons!!! Oh, I can't wait to buy some! :D


I love the birdy bag! Did you design the fabric or did you find it? It's so fabulous!


For this weeks illo friday I think I should draw me looking at your new G5....ENVY and your button machine and the American Target...Australian Target is no where near as cool...I might double check the teatowel section today.


Can't see myself without a Mac...the pouch looks great...I though you might enjoy this link


Cute bag! I love apple prints.
I also adore your birdie pouch. Lined zipper pouches get easier with practice. Cute! :)


Where did you find the tutorial you talk about in the beggining of the post?... if it was on the internet, could you give me the address to it on my flickr page please?... the apple bag is co cute!

juju vail

I feel such jealousy! A button maker and a Mac! I'm green


hee hee!
thanks all! so many changes! well, not really, it does take time to get used to the new mac though!
oh and the zip[pered pouch tutorial is:
but i know thimbles is better!!

hope that helps


oh and heather, the birdy bag fabric is my own design,



Oooh - lucky you - congratulations on your shiny and beautiful new toy! (I'm still typing here squinting at my teeny G3 imac screen feeling a teeny bit jealous!) Love your birdy bag, too!


I LOVE that birdy bag! You should make more to sell!! By the way, my mom LOVED her mothers day card that I sent (which happened to be illustrated by YOU!)

joy madison

love the shirt you sent her! very cute!


It was me!! I received the pouch!
I'm so lucky to be the un-named friend! THanks Tania!

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