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May 04, 2005



Wow! Sorry to hear that you lost any chance on royalties for that card... After reading the LSA posts, I was ready to go to Target to see if I could find them and buy them all (which I may do anyway!). At least you have the satisfaction of knowing that something you've created is indeed sought after by the mass market. This should encourage you to keep following your creative voice because it's obviously leading you to the right place!


how neat is that?! stinks about the royalties but target! woo hoo!!! congratulations!

ps-i would love to see your work on sheets/wrapping paper/fabric, it'd look so greate!


I literally JUST got home from Target! I never look at the cards! AHHH! I need to go back and see if it's there. That is just TOO cool! Oh, I hope some day your illos are plastered on everything! You know, I would totally buy it.


Your stuff so totally belongs on merchandise of every kind! I would decorate my house with it! :)


suckety about the contract. but i am definitely going to buy up all the tania howells cards i can find!


ps. andrews mcmeel is headquartered in kansas city, funny huh?

mati rose

crazy contracts!! neat-o to see your work hittin' the tar-jay shelves tho.


Hey! You did that card? I gave it to my grandma, an avid bird-watcher, for her birthday a few years ago, and she loved it. Cool!,


wow! I'll have to look for it. that super sucks about the royalties. I would stand by the cards and make people pay me a quarter. has it really been in the store for years?!


Hard to believe a reputable company would try and pull a fast one--good that you called them on it! I'll bet they called it an oversight. Humpf!
Glad your name is on it though that's a coo considering the circumstances.

lisa  congdon

i simply adore this card. i would love to find one!


Those slimey bastards!
Lucky that you caught them on their devious behavior and
got some sort of compensation for it.

I love the card... I'm gonna make a special trip this weekend
and go card hunting now :)


Hey! That was yours! I bought that as a birthday card for my boyfriends mother last year at target! and now just so you know they are selling them as mothers day cards. My boyfriend almost got it for his mom this year until I remembered that I had given it to her already!

I'm so happy it was your design even if you didn't see a penny of the profit.


Tania - I love it! Congratulations! Where can we buy some here in Canada?


PS. Thank you so much for your support all these weeks. : ) It means so much to me and P. : )


Tania, I saw your card at Target last week and got it for my mom for Mother's Day. I noticed it right away and thought, "Hey that is Tania's drawing!" I'm sorry to hear that you won't see any of the money from the sale of the card but it is still good advertising. Best of luck!


target? that is such the big time!

i will scurry over and see if i can find it. then i'll probably make a fool shouting "hey! this is my friend jo-jo's friend's illustration, peeps!!! i almost know her! isn't she talented?"

holly Hatam

Hi Tania,

I want to start a new project...the postcard swap was such a sucess, i started thinking of another project. i was thinking that we could make one piece of jewerly, and send it to one other person. I will organize the whole thing. i just want to see if everyone is could spread the word :) let me know what you think. you can visit my blog at
everyone can leave me a message there to tell me if they are interested. or send me an email at [email protected]

amy k.

gosh-okay I have so many things to say-I love the card and will buy it whenever I see it AND am sooo happy I backed out of a DIY network tv show apperance that involved designing original quilts, for free, with all the directions, and signing over all the rights!! which didn't sit well with me AT ALL. My hubby said don't do it, and so did some webby friends, and now I am so gald I didn't do it. (although I really backed out at the last possible moment, at least they hadn't bought the plane tickets for me yet)

And you will get you due for sure-but sorry you didn't get more out if it-and sorry for the crazy long post.


I was so excited when I turned that card over to see your name, you have no idea! But, I'm so sorry to hear about how that company has used your designs over and over again without giving you the proper royalties. Boo on them...really... I've had that happen many times with things I've designed for Wells Fargo, and other places. It's been years, and they are still mailing them inside of bank statements, and making them into keychains etc. Crazy! I can't wait to stumble upon more of your cards and goodies while I'm shopping in the future. It was such a treat!


so cool everyone!
its awesome that a few of you even remember buying the card!
oh how i wish i had the power to spread my work so far! i am amazed at where it has turned up.
thanks for the support!


Congratulations :) I saw the card on Liquid Sky Arts and immediately recognized your style!


I'm going to Target next chance I get. I love that card. And I would decorate my house in your stuff, too.


hey, that looks familiar--- i got your card for my birthday a few years ago from my parents!!! i love birds and it's the only one i've kept over the years--- i totally love the design (:)> peep peep!

p.s. i got to your blog via wilbur, the plain brown bird :-))


I actually purchased the card today, it was in the section for Mother's Day cards.


Holy Crow! I GOT that card for Mother's Day from my cat. I am not kidding. Very strange...And very wonderful!

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