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June 08, 2005



i was having serious dajavoo (i don't even know how to spell it well enough to spell check it) and i went back in your archives and found that i'm not crazy and you really have said this before, here:


Oh, how wonderful!! :D


went back and read that post- hilarious! :D it happens to me..


Those birds are neat, thank you for the information page. :)


hee hee, kim ,
you are right!
i had the same total thing last year.


i thought i was going temporarily insane! lol or maybe i dreamed it and i'm psychic, that would be a weird thing for me to dream about though :)


Ha! I thought it could be the Mockingbird, but I wasn't sure. They're the state bird of Texas, too! We have a pair nesting in our backyard. They are extremely territorial (even when not nesting) and have dive-bombed a cat, got into an fight with a blue jay, and harrassed a poor hawk that was getting a drink! They do have lovely songs, though. :)

Aimee Roo

that is so neat. i wish that we had mockingbirds around here, i would love to hear one.

oh, and can i say that i am totally green with envy for all the cute things karina got. i really love your bird silk screen.


Poppies are so pretty. Thanks for sharing that pic, merely for our viewing pleasure!!

joy madison

mockingbirds actually mock and dive bomb my parents cats...LOL!!! Saucy fellows.

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