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June 15, 2005



He's adorable! It's funny how the illustrations look so contemporary to my Western eye. Of course, that the style is new to us doesn't mean that it's new to Japan - I just hadn't thought of that before. Well, actually, now I think about it, there were the "Candy Candy" animated films in the eighties - anyone see those?


hee! no i never saw those films!
sounds cute.


I never saw many of them because my parents didn't believe in the VCR (well it was mostly that our TV was too old to agree with the new technology), but they were a series (20 perhaps?) of long animated films about a blonde, orphaned girl called Candy Candy. She lived in an orphanage close to a mansion. Of course, she fell in love with the prince who lived in the mansion. She was a princess or something herself, but this was only discovered in film no. 10 or so... The love affair happened later, when she was grown up :)
Perhaps they were only in Scandinavia? But they must have been made in Japan, the animation was so characteristic. Have you seen the moomin-films, also made in Japan? They are so cute. My Mum loves them :)


ooohhh Rascal!! I remember it! I can sing its tv movie song, in italian! hehehe
Anja, Candy Candy animations were also on italian tv, I saw lots of them as a child. That one was particularly long and full of things, like a soap opera! I must still have somewhere an album with all the songs from the cartoon.
p.s. i had a crush for Terence, ha haaa


i tried to put some links in the previous comment, but i guess html is not allowed.
here's candy candy's illustrator official site:
and here's terence:



That was my favorite when I was in kindergarden in Japan, and your book is in Japanese!!
Where did you get it?
So funny :)


oh wow! thats so funny that your have see it cimba! and kumi too!
and that candy one stiil i have not seen!

the book turned up at the library where i work, it is in a tv station so maybe in the 70's these books were mailed to a producer?? someone donated them a few weeks ago.

those links are great!
thanks you all!! this is fun.


Candy Candy was our favorite TV program when we were in kindergarden in 1980's in Japan. I don't think it's still on, though. My sis is almost 30 yrs old and still has her all Candy Candy manga!!


oh cool!


I should send those links to my old friend the Candy Candy expert :) This is great! I had forgotten all about her until I saw your entry. Gives me a new perspective on why I like manga, I was primed in childhood without realising it :)


I like how Rascal is fat. This cartoon is based on the book Rascal by Sterling North. As a boy, author adopts a baby raccoon and they have lots of adventures. The book has a few beautiful illustration. It was one of my favorite books growing up in Wisconsin.

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