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June 09, 2005



oh, the nerve, is right! :D Great save!!


Oh, I wish I'd been at that garage sale before you found out!---JUST FOOLING YA--glad you rediscovered your treasures; it's one of my favorite pastimes!

mati rose

oh i totally remember these little records! did you ever have a fisherprice record player?


I loved those records! My mom did the same thing with my Disney records, the record player and Dr. Seuss books! One day they were there, then next "Poof!" I still mourn the loss..*sigh* Glad you were able to save yours!


oh i know! all my old kids books, pof gone!
and mati i dont htink i did have a fisher price record player... but my friend did, they were so cool.


oh my, what a fourtunate save!! i wish everyday was christmas at my house, then i could dance like that!


Too cute! Brings back memories of my little "portable" suitcase record player for 45s that was covered in a very 70s looking floral print paper... I used that player very often!


It is so great that you were able to save those! They are wonderful and bring back so many memories. :)


I had those same records!! The rescuers were my favorite...

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