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July 20, 2005



love the new cards and bags! how did you make the bags - do you do the silk screening yourself? and sew yourself?

sorry to hear about your A/C problems.....i know what you mean by the wrong type of windows.

mati rose

i love your list! i don't know how to make hearts or i would try to insert one where "love" is.

lisa s

adorable cards.... and i'd take you in a "grim" mood over most people when they are being plesant! :) you always seem cheery - or at least you are looking for something lovely even through the gray fog.... i hope you get the A/C to work. i hate heat! (i get really grouchy!)


:) hee.
the bags are premaid blank totes and i screen them.
and thanks lisa, at least i sound cheery even if i feel cloudy!
and mato rose, check the previous comment for how the make the great hearts!


digging the natural cards (and red/orange ink)you chose for the birdie print, lovely!

our current apt has a/c but i remember the agony of non-a/c life in our old apt--i'm feeling for you!

joy madison

do you guys call it girls club too? My 6 year old is ALL about the girls club!!!!


The cards are never cease to amaze, Tania. Yay for hearts and happies. I hope you have a nicer day in the making coming soon.

Take good care!


i'm just loving the lists i see lately and am in need of making one or two good ones myself. i can relate to your struggles here so much ... thanks for sharing! mav


I love the heat but i confess i was happy it broke a little for sleeping. this is my fave kind of weather (that or big fat beautiful drifting snowflakes)

g'luck with the AC babe and i'm glad you got to see lia last night!

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