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July 14, 2005



Ugh - I'm so sorry it's so hot there! Good for you for backing everything up with science! I wish I could zap you over here where it is cool and foggy this morning...

Jessica Kenenske

those are so freak'n cute!


get an air conditioner!! I was really losing my mind during that first heat wave and we had 2 a/c's already. once we borrowed the 3rd things actually cooled down in our 2nd floor apartment (with no attic insulation) and I realized oh, I don't hate everybody and everything and I will ever have a coherent thought again. The heat fritzes me right out. We're northern girls -- we need a chill in the air!


I absolutely HATE the heat. Because we live by the beach our place doesn't have AC which most of the time isn't a problem. I like to be cold at night and under lots of covers. Even with both windows open there sometimes isn't a cross breeze and it makes me crazy.

Those buttons are so fabulously yummy!! Will you sell them individually or in groups? Love 'em! :)


Thank you so much for that post. We have been in the middle of a heat wave here in MB as well...and I am trying to finish a bunch of term papers and my brain is so not functioning lately. It all makes sense! And good for you for telling the dude to stop watering!! That was a brave thing to do!!

Oh yeah, those buttons are so freaking cute. ;) I just have to get the robin. :)


i'm with you...this heat is making me very lazy. it's an effort to do anything these last few days. maybe you need to run through the hose while your neighbours are washing the sidewalk!


Lovely,lovely buttons !


Love the buttons. Those are darling. When I was in NYC last, I went to the E.A.T. shop and picked up a button maker. I've only used it 2x so far and nothing as cute as those came out!!

The watering thing is so annoying. I went to this mall yesterday and they had two "drip lines" that were broken and spraying water EVERYWHERE!!! I wrote the manager an email. We'll see if she responds ....

laura r.

38C/102F here.
i am a grumpy bear for sure.
this weather is inhumane.


Love them cute buttons! Sending "cool" thoughts your way.

laurie b.

Oh you poor thing! Well, your buttons are very pretty. :)


ugh...sorry for the heatwave. why cant people just follow the rules, they like to water their brown lawns here, what for?? your buttons are super cute!


I *love* those buttons. SO cute!

Débora Figueiredo

Beautiful buttons! I can't choose my favorite, I love them all :)


The other day I saw a guy hosing off a sidewalk WHILE IT WAS RAINING. If that's not stupidity, I don't know what is.


love the owl button!

Jenny Vorwaller

ohhhh* cannot waitto get in on that button sale!! :) yay!

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