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July 27, 2005


laura r.

that design is great.
how do they look on?
go here for more on list making


Great legs, Tania!
I'm with your on your *heart* list. especially the last 5 :)


what a cute idea to put a design on the back of your pants! you'll get loads of compliments when you wear them, just you wait! have fun at your mom's over the long weekend and enjoy the beach. the water should be nice and warm.


I have to ask a stupid crafting question, how did you transfer the stencil on to the pants? Did you use bleach or paint? They look really cool...........
I enjoy your site, thanks.

mati rose

love it! i saw a great idea in maybe "budget living" for cutting a pattern into cool-lots (sp?) that i wanna try. you're the difference in the wanting to try vs the doing!!


christine, i used a stencil brush and fabric paint/silkscreen ink and dabbed it on! really easy!
and mati rose, i saw that article too, i loved it! must have been what inspired me.
cheers everyone!


I just saw the Budget Living issue this morning. Thanks for sharing your take on the stencil project. By the way, I got this Japanese stencil book from amazon Japan. It might be of interest. It endorses the use of Pebeo markers and paint. Recently, Pebeo came out with markers and paint good for any surface (fabric, paper, wood, etc.). The line is called Touch, but is not yet available in the US, just Europe. Check out the site ( it's very nice.

ISBN for the stencil book is 4529041182 and the cover can be viewed here:


a whole world of stenciling. who knew.

those are some styling pants!


what a great idea! if i weren't such a chicken when it comes to modifying my clothes, (i KNOW i'll ruin it somehow--not good creative process thinking at all) i'd try that--your pants came out so well :)


Oh, cool idea for your pants! And what an easy way to get a stencil effect if you don't have a silk screen (which I don't). Now I wanna try it on some cheapy bonds t-shirts!


cool stencil! I need to do that on something...or at least some embroidery or some nonesence!


oh how wonderful ... the pants are going to be SO fun.
and you know i love the list. bring on those lists!!
have a great end to your week and weekend!
sending good thoughts, mav


Sounds lovely :)
That's a neat stencil. I was just on the charlie and the chocolate factory site and they had stencils of the kids. Sounds weird, but it was neat!


i love lists


ah! thanks everyone! it is soooo nice to wake up and check my blog to see all these happy notes here waiting. it really brightens my day!

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