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August 24, 2005


Aimee Roo

those are super cute! are you going to sell them? i just love the happy birds and the great colors! truly adorable.

jenny vorwaller

tania~how did you make those hearts? >they are so sweet!<

i love the brooches! :D


Have you seen Tod Maffin's blog?
Your picketing seem more flexible than we were allowed, no sitting allowed, strict adherence to schedules...blah blah.
We could picket a building near our homes though rather than our normal work locations - so I didn't know anyone on my team at first we did get to know each other had a laugh every day. We some silly stuff once summer came we had BBQs, craft days, a yard sale, celebrated every occasion there was to celebrate. I even made a picket sign from fun foam for our token dog. We over loaded on free Tims and treats from the neighbourhood supporters. I miss my CBC hope you are back soon.


Love the stamps from the republic of bird!! What are they mounted on? So wonderful!
So sorry to hear about the strike. I hope it ends favorably for you all very soon!


oh those are fantastic, i want them all!!! and your brooches too...sigh...

love how you're keeping your spirit up, sending you mega good vibes :)


Hey Tania! I really love your new stuff! Been reading your blog for quite some time and wanted to stop by and say hi. So: Hi from Germany! :-)) Reading your entries and looking at your art makes me happy and soothes me! All the best, in general as well as for your art show, greetings, Charis :-)


Your creations are very inspiring! Thanks so much for sharing :D


Wow, you are being so productive and I love all your new things! You are inspiring me to get to work for that craft fair.


I love your positive thoughts during a difficult time; I'm so sorry about the stike. I absolutely ADORE those stamps. I would have to get them all - birds by the dozen!!

Eliane Conde

I love your creations and the great colors!


these are adorable tania! i think they will sell fast!

just fyi - hate to talk about boring techy stuff, but i've noticed your page hasn't been looking right lately in my browser (safari) so i just went over to explorer and all is cool - so just to let you know - safari is not reading your page too well. it covers up half of your text so you can't read your post. has anyone else mentioned this to you? it's just started lately as it was fine before that. so if you've changed anything in your template, perhaps that may be why. i know this is all boring stuff, but i was blogging along for 2 months with a similar problem and nobody told me until finally one day someone mentioned it and i was very thankful.


wOw!! I LOVE those. They're so darling. They're gonna sell big.


the birdies are lovely and so are you for staying so cheerful and positive while you're having this mess. I linked my blog to the website too!


awww! i really appreciate all your nice thoughts! i have needed to hear it all today! every last word!


I would buy a stamp from the republic of bird. Fun at home, but especially good for the office.


The things you make are so cute, it's almost sinful....

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