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August 31, 2005


lisa s

the poncho is FABULOUS!
the robots are so amazing... i so so want one!!

speaking of trade... did my envelope get to you??


no, not yet,
but it is highly likely it is at the post office and the girl forgot to put the note in the po box thhat i have a package!
i will keep you posted!

Aimee Roo

wow! that looks like something that i could make. :) what a great idea for a poncho. thanks for sharing it with us.


your poncho looks fab! i like the jaunty way you're wearing it in the photo. and how cute are your smiling poncho illustrations!? meep!


smashing! love how you're being productive while being locked out :) sad to hear that it's still going on though...


dude that poncho is awesome.

i have to say that the lockout is breaking my heart. i am so afraid the cbc will stay broken this time :(


fabulous poncho! and so easy - wow! like the name - "lock out poncho" and i love those robots too - they are so cute!


That's looks so good on you! Ponchos are tricky things to pull off, I think, but that one's simple and perfect.


I loooove your poncho, especially the colors .

thanks for the link of the Craft Fair - I know what to do on the 10th sept ;o)

These robots are so cute !!


Gorgeous poncho! I love the yarn and the colors! Those robots are incredible, and the apples are great too... we need to find out how to get a hold of her stuff!


What a great idea, thankyou for sharing it.


Ohhh I want a robot too! I think you're evil for showing those to us ;)


very nice poncho, i checked out the craft show link it looks really hoo however i work on the weekends i can't make it have a good time and sell lots and lots of stuff. oh and thanks for the nice compliment on my collage stuff, i liked yours, very sweet indeed.


hey thanks everyone!
it would be fun to see yours if you make one!


GREAT poncho!!!!! just so nice... mav


Awesome poncho! And it seems so simple too! I really have to learn how to knit!

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