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September 22, 2005



oh man i love silly socks, you smile all day just because they're on your feet.

athletic socks may last longer but they do nothing to fire the imagination.

is there a consistent time you tend to picket?


i like the yarn! what size needles are you useing?

Rosemary Travale

That's so cute that you had a little knitting party by yourself! I hope your snb is just as fun when others are around there next week!


hee hee! thanks!
well, it is this amazing recycled sari silk yarn and the needles...
well, they are, lets see..."durex #2" if that means anything!


yah i am tending to go for 1 - 5 picketing...


That's great yarn!

mati rose

wow, i love anna's work! beautful...

laura r.

thank you for posting anna torma's information.
i remeber reading about her is fiber arts magazine a long while back.
that is the kind of work i want to consume; eat, drink, smell, touch, envelope myself...


interesting embroidery - amazing really - like the large scale pieces.
and those socks are great!


Hi Tania, thank you for the mention, but I must correct you, The Word on the Street is on Sunday not Saturday, so if we are to be in the same place and time..I am looking forward to meeting you.

I too am a fan of Anna's work it is amazing, thanks for reminding me of it and finding her site. I have a postcard of her work that has been knocking around for years.


ack! my brain. I am changing my post to say sunday right now thanks kim!

lisa s

anna's work is really cool... and new to me... thanks for sharing!


oh dropping in here brings me oh so much joy!! i ADORE your pics and links and words!!!


Camilla Engman

One of my favorites are Trubadour songs 2, not hard to see why :)
Thanks for the link.

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