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September 20, 2005


mati rose

what an incredible find! i can't wait to see what you make:) is your labor day later than the states?


i vote for the bunny with the huge ears! can't wait to see what you'll make!

jess hutch

Oooh. I covet this. I think bizarre IS the better word! Bizarre but fab.


that is too funny. have you ever seen it is a hilarious site... look under the "crafts" catagory. they have a tonne of funny stuff about vintage craft books just like that one. it never fails to make me laugh out loud.

p.s. i think you should make the bunny or the grey lamb.


wow i looked away for a few days and missed so much cool stuff and blogging. i love the grannies, they're awesome!

also, yay on the coloring book, i know at least one person who wants one... :)


seeing the water bag made me wonder; do people still use them? i've seen them in a few drug stores but electric pads and the patches you stick on are more common aren't they? i like them. they have an old world charm to them.


hee! I still use a hot water bottle! i love mine, pure comfort.

planeta hilda

i do use a hot water bag!
so, what are disk needles? i am curious.


i still dont know what are disc needles! must be circular. they have to be!

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