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September 30, 2005



So cute. I am surprised that I don't get to see more cats/balls of yarn pictures on blogs. I just love it.

Another big Sufjan fan here!


Oh My! Your kitties are super cute : )


Oh my, my kitty did the same thing a few days ago. Though he didn't restrict himself to one ball of yarn.

jess hutch

I [heart] Sufjan. His music sounds like the best high school musical put together by the smartest, funniest kid in school. Oh, and cats are great too.


Hehe! What a funny kitty. :) Have a great weekend yourself!


your kitties are soooo cute! you should give the little girl a tiny ball of acrylic yarn to keep for herself.


Thanks for the mention! your cats are so cute! They look like one of mine, who is Siamese-like too!





hehehe! my kitty does this,'s so funny to see them wandering around with a ball of yarn in their mouths!

lisa s

your kitties are too too cute!! i love them! i can't believe you aren't always posting photos of them [hee hee]


I'd really like to say it's cute, but that's what everyone else there's nothing to say....nice bike in the background.

laura r.

you could post about your kitties everyday & i wouldn't mind.
i love them.


I don't know how lucrative it would be, but I would love, love, love to be able to buy some of your line drawings for embroidery, a la Sublime Stitching. Any chance of that being a marketing move for you?


hmmm, i never even thought of that!
embroidery patterns eh?
i will have to investigate! neat idea.


I heard about the memorandum of agreement this am... I have my fingers crossed for you and everyone else at CBC. I hope that all goes well and that you all will be back to work soon. BTW cute kitties!

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