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November 07, 2005


paul boddum

hey thanks tons for introducing HubbyandKrissy to the pleasures of Dim Sum :)...that was great being with 3 out of 4 of my favourite bloggers and their guys too!! I can't stop thinking about yummy Dim Sum, need more soon! My old iMac used to sleep and need to re-start to awaken, so crazy, c'mon we rely on our little computers- behave now!


Oh my goodness! The very SAME thing happened to my computer today! I turned it on and off, restarted it neraly 5 times and it wouldnt "wake up" it was permanently in "power-saving mode"...but the crisis passed and now he's all right, thank goodness :) I hope you have the same luck...


ack! i am glad to hear other people have had this problem! maybe it is somethingin the air roday lauren!
and paul!
YAH! dim sum again very soon, it was great to see you guys!!


saturday dim sum was so much fun! such fantastic food and even better company!!:)

laura r.

what a sweet kittybear portrait!


awww, the little bear is so cute! i just saw some really cute animal dolls in holiday knits i'd love to knit too.


Yay for the yummy food and fun company!
I think my face was sore from laughing so much!
Nice bear, Tania!
Sounds like you are in full pre-christmas prouduction mode.
Keep cranking out all the cute-goodness :)


My iBook did that exact same thing too - it happened when I was using Photoshop, and my harddisk was almost full - those two don't go well together, I think... My boyfriend took out the battery to restart it, and then it was fine, but I was really freaked out for a while. eeek!

I like the bear! His face looks just like your drawings. Nice! :)


You're so inspiring me! :) I really have to break out the Pring Grocco and get screening. I may be leaving you questions ... :)


You probably already backed up all your files and photos on a cd, external hard drive or something. If not, please do it! Nerissa Nields wrote about her laptop making a death rattle and then crashing. She lost photos and some of her creative output.

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