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November 04, 2005



So sad about all those lovely bird drawings! Hopefully things go better for you today with new ink. I was admiring those snowman stamps at the post office too, they are cute!


i'm so sad for you that your hard work was ruined by that darn pen! :( how disappointing. i love your gratitude list though. i read something like that on, true nature...maybe that's where you saw it?


yah yah thats where i saw it!
i am going to update it, thanks.


i had one of those days too! thanks for the shout out;)

Jenny Vorwaller

your grateful list is so great!


I use Rotring Rapidoliner pens/refills and have found them to be waterproof. They seem to not be available on Dick Blick any longer, tho, which concerns me. I bought a set off of ebay for a great price last year.

I love this site and your artwork is just wonderful. Even the photograph of all the birdie stamps is lovely.

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