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November 16, 2005



Hey Tania! You are awesome - we love the baby hats - thank you so much!! Very soft and very pretty! Can't wait to see you soon, Tasha


feel better tania, i think i have what you have...argh!


eek!..those postcards are adorable! i hope you feel better soon. ginger tea works well for queasy tummies. (just chop up lots of ginger and boil/steep for a good long time. add a bit of honey to taste.)


Heeeeey, I used work right across the street from that place, at 176 John St. I would always see the ladies dash out of there at the end of a shift. hahaha, oh the belt factory days....


haha! that's an impressive looking building! i don't know about the rabbits though...but what if they were, gasp, angora rabbits knitting sweaters out of their own furs? heehee...just a funny thought.

drink some tea! with honey. it always makes me feel better. :)

lisa s

that building is a hoot! quality knitting....

i hope you feel better!!!!


That's funny, you should do a drawing of rabbits knitting. Hehe, that would be sooo cute.


Alt xmas shopping is the best.

My friend is doing a $10 gift exchange w/ her friends from work, and I'm helping her make mugs w/ the heads of dogs on the side of them in pottery class ... hehe. We've got two lab heads to stick on and we've got to figure out how to do a pit bull... wish us luck :)

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