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January 31, 2006



nice dishes.
the cut n' paste show is a zine fair. one of the originals. i think the turnout will not be grand, but it is always a fun and quirky little show. you can check it out here,

good luck with the house thing...


oh gosh ... those are great dishes ... but you made a great decision!! :)
i support it all the way! {even though when i first read the post i thought, is she nuts?!?!?!!?}

:) xo, mav


those dishes are a blast from the past for me - my Grandmother had them when we were children, and as soon as I saw them I was transported back to childhood dinners around her big dining room table. Thank you.

Also - I got your Postcard today! Such stampy goodness.


OMG! If you go back and they're still there, buy them and send them to me?! I would gladly paypal and/or trade? They are just the coooooolest dishes I have EVER seen, and to boot I'm actually in need of awesome dishes for my new home! *falls over*


Oh my...lovely dishes and cups!

holly Hatam

these dishes are so great! I love the colour!


The house thing in Toronto does suck but at least it's not as bad as the house thing in Vancouver. *shudder*


heehee, thats funny your granny had the dishes! they are beautiful... i love them!
ah the house thing! yes i hear in vancouer it is horrid!!


Which Value Village to you go to?
You always find great stuff.

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