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January 20, 2006



i do see the slight evil in finger puppet, although i think he is very cute!
good luck with the house's always a bit exhausting and stressful. have a great weekend!


I agree that there is something dark and devious about Fingerpuppet, I wouldn't say pure evil. But it makes sense that since all you work is so cheerful and fun that there needs to be a secret stash of ugly somewhere within in you. Maybe its the stress of the house-hunting and seeing some rather weird places and spaces. Isn't it nice then to have a creative outlet? Imagine if you had to keep all that inside...! I say, go with and make some more Evil!


I think he's adorable...very Gnome-like!


I have an old childhood softie that my husband feels the same way about. I also think fingerpuppet is very affable. But maybe he needs some fingerpuppet peeps to hang out with? :)

Good luck with the house hunting! I know how stressful that can be.


ahh house hunting, let me share my horror of hunting houses in our price range
their where a few scary ones and sad ones but the one that really creeped me out was the house that had the angry backyard next door with two pitbulls copulating...bad vibe from that one.
good luck...
just curious (well frankly noisy) what area of the city are you looking in?


I'm with paul, Fingerpuppet looks slightly evil


random people sleeping in rooms? hee hee! you were bound to see at least one nightmare. the very 1st house we went to see was like that. we still refer to it as "blake st" (as in, "time to clean up, this place is looking like blake st."). as for fingerpuppet, i think paul needs to find it on his pillow tonight! ;)


i love the finger puppet! and i'm so jealous about the house-hunting! my friends just bought a house in leslieville and it's so beautiful and relatively inexpensive compared to vancouver prices. i'm shocked to realize that we could buy a house in toronto for the same price as a 1 bedroom ugly 20 year old condo in vancouver. you are lucky!!


Fingerpuppet doesn't look evil, but he does look a bit smug.



and thanks for all the house advice!
hm i didnt know vancouver was so expensive!!
and kim this place is at landsowne and dundas. righ near an awesome no frills.


oh im so sad that the homes haven't been homelike and cozy...but your creativity has never suffered in your current home, the evil puppet was a reminder to hubby that um we aren't moving to scary-non homeville...hehe


I think Fingerpuppet is hilarious, too. Maybe you should tuck him into Paul's coat pocket one morning...

Good luck with the house-hunting. That no frills is the best one in the city, I think. I house-sat in that neighborhood last spring, and totally loved it.


oh yes, i love that no frills too!


I don't see any evil (and I'm very good at spotting evil finger puppets),
I just see cute.

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