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January 11, 2006



Tania, I thought for sure that was you in your kitchen in that photo! It is the same layout and cute things in it!


I can check in my local bookshop if you like. I can't promise anything but I'll have a look if you like.

Let me know.

It is a lovely book


Hi Tania,

Thanks for the blog - love reading it. I am also coveting these craft books, but have not bought any yet. has a kind of database that tells you a lot about the books and has links to different sites, and I have also seen them on E-bay by doing a search under "japanese craft books." I am sure that I will not be able to resist buying one much longer and take the plunge soon. Good luck with your quest!


I have a similar issue. I found a great little Japanese grocery, next to a bookstore, and not a craft book to be found. Only thing I've found in the Detroit metro area, too. I'll be watching to see if you have any luck! (I'm dying to get my hands on some of the felting and small-craft sewing books.)


that stockholm kitchen book looks so yummy! i love all of those japanese crafty books i see on blogs too but i think i would get too frustrated by wishing i could read the instructions. at least with a decorating book you can just enjoy the eye candy. (have you ever checked the "pacific mall"? maybe you'd find some books there?)


Tania, if you have the ISBN, you can order from or Yes, I have seen the book and it comes in a series. There's also artists' studio, french kitchen, etc. I saw them at the Kinokuniya bookstore in New York last Fall. The books are great, but I didn't buy because they were more expensive that other books that have project. It seems like you're only paying for the pictures. The books are $18-25 each.

lisa s

tania.... yes.... agree w/ therese.... if you have isbn then you can order on yesasia.... or amazon.... and that book is good... i've been dreaming about it too!!


i want these books too! maybe tomorrow's mission to go to japan town! thank you for being one of the first to read my blog ever, i just wrote about my blog b-day:)


I know the feeling. but would we like them as much if they were easy to find? well, ok, we would...


i found this site from which you can order the book - hope this helps :D


thankyou everyone for your tips and hints!
the quest begins.

i am sure my fever will pass too, it usually des for such things-


hi tania! i have a faaaaaabulous japanese bookstore here in san francisco (japantown)....let me know what you need and i'll check it out!


Yes, these books are cute in more sense than one. I mean, they are small, like 5"x7"? No bigger. So hard to enjoy the picture. Japanese craft books, on the other hand are big, generally.


That books looks so delish. When I was in Japan, I got three craft books and I love them so much. I've never made anything from them, but I like to look at them from time to time. I know Sweet Georigia has a japanese book shop in her area, maybe they do mail order?


I totally thought that was you on the cover too! : )


If you can't track it down in Canada I can order it from Amazon JP and then post it on to you. I agree, Japanese books are gorgeous - so well styled. Most craft magazines in Australia are so old-fashioned, but the ones here are all glam and pretty. I spent hours in bookstores pottering.


I think that we should start a campaign to convince one of the Japanese grocery stores in downtown Toronto to start carrying craft books. My vote is for Little Tokyo in Kensington. It has the space for it and the last time I was in there, there was one book on sewing and another on knitting. They're half-way there!



I just dropped in here by a random web surfing.
I'm Japanese living in the US, and I often shop books internationally at You might have already gotten the book, but here is the website.

You see a lot of Japanese words but some parts are in English. Hope it's helpful for you. Good luck!


There's a Japanese store in Kensington market now, so far I've just bought pocky there, but they have lots of books in the back. I didn't see crafts books but maybe we should ask them sometime.


lots of nice things on your blog!
i'm a torontonian in tokyo.
there are millions of these little (and not-so-little) books here on craft, design, photography - just about anything you can imagine - japanese and non-japanese - all very stylish... but, of course, the text is usually in japanese. if you would just like a visual resource, it's may be enough.
if there is something you really want and can't get through amazon (probably fastest and cheapest), i might be able to find it and post it to you. i've noticed that when i find english books here in the bookshops, they are sometimes 40-60% more expensive than buying online. (but the prices for japanese books in the shops are about the same as they are at


oh i have just come back in my posts and see so many comments! thankyou all for your help!!
I did get it from amazon jp annd it was easy and fast-


This thread is old news by now, but in case anyone is still looking at this, Mokuba on Queen street W (at Portland) has some Japanese craft books. Mostly books on crafting with ribbons (though there is one on knitting with ribbon).

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