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January 24, 2006



Nice blue grumpy picture...atleast we can be happy for Jack and Olivia, they are so cool!


i'm so surprised and sorry. we in the U.S. can relate, although at least in Canada the conservatives are still a minority. that is some consolation, but I know it's not enough.


yes, a minority ois better than a majority you are right!
and also yay for jack and olivia, they are the best !!


I like your drawing....been there.


love the photo...unfortunately I didn't understand much of what I heard on As It Happens last night about Canadian politics! I did hear some men from NewFoundland with amazing accents that I didn't know existed!


I too am sad, but there's no way that beady-eyed Conservative can do anything too bad with all those Liberals and a whopping 29 (yah!) NDPs keeping him on a leash. The only thing that worries me is that Harper is the face to Canada internationally, and most people outside of Canada won't understand that while he's technically the boss, he doesn't have a lot of power, or the majority of the votes. I don't want that guy representing me to other countries! Either way, it'll probably only last a couple years and by then the Liberals will have a better leader. Or everyone will just smarten up and vote NDP.


yeah, i know how you feel tania. it's the pits and i'm afraid.


Love your picture, the dark cloud is perfect. I was so sorry to read about your election result last night. We have a conservative government here in Australia too, except now they have a clear majority in both houses of parliament. Nothing like your NDPs to keep them in check - the changes they are making to industrial relations and education are thoroughly depressing. I hope Harper's ride is very short!


ooh! i didnt know that about australia fiona!


great picture, tania. i think we're all feeling like that today. but i am pretty excited that the ndp faired better this time around!


sorry to hear about your election, tania. i feel your pain!


at least the liberal have some control left in canada. wish i could say the same thing here in the states!


i love your blue picture too. and boy can i relate. but, you're right, i'm so proud of Toronto not voting for them - and good on the NDP for getting more seats. we will just have to put our trust into them!

lisa s

oh tania.... we down here w/ mr. bush know how you feel....

how come you are still cute when blue??


One of many reasons to be fearful for the future of the CBC with Harper as PM:

My NDP candidate got in, yay! Peggy Nash, she was on Metro Morning yesterday.


Sorry to hear about the house head-ache x_x we're having hassle of our own, so you're not alone! Every time we arrange to view a property we get a phonecall to say "actually, it's just been sold" x_x


If Harper tries any shit, we'll take to the streets and show him what people power is!


i feel your pain. i have been listening to the evolution of your government on public radio...


Now you know how we felt when Bush was elected. Only three more years.

jill maloney

Jack was doing a great job until he decided to gamble on an early election! I wonder what else he might have been able to do if he'd stayed the course... I'm not too happy about his sentiments re: dealing with gun violence either. But hey he's my MP, and I voted for him.
Thrilled to find your blog Tania. Good luck with the house hunting! A friend recently found a place on Eastern ave. 'To the East, good woman, go East...'

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